At Bigelow Lane, we take a simple, intentional approach to dressing kids. Don’t get us wrong, we love beautiful things and cool clothes. But we’ve found that slowing down leads to better choices for us, for our kids, and for the world we live in.

We are Alex and Emmanuelle, lifelong friends who both recently moved back to our childhood homes on Bigelow Street — a quaint one block street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The idea for the store was born in the early days of motherhood: we found ourselves disappointed by how hard it was to find children’s clothes that were beautiful, while also made ethically with natural fabrics and without harmful chemicals. We soon found that other parents shared our values in wanting to dress their kids consciously. So we launched Bigelow Lane in 2023 to offer our community a trusted and fun place to shop for clothes made with people and the environment in mind. We dress our kids in these clothes and we love them. We're starting out with a focus on wool, because it's such a wonderful material: warm and cozy when you want it to be; light and breathable when you need it to be, and it's naturally regenerating, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. Not to mention, so hard to find here in the US. We have big plans to expand and hope to become your one-stop-shop for all consciously crafted kidswear. 

Our lasting friendship has paved the way for Bigelow Lane, where we've delighted in bringing together our varied expertise. Alex brings a rich history in museums and decorative arts history, infusing our brand with a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, texture and color. The driving force behind our eco-friendly ethos, Emmanuelle draws on her career in sustainability to ensure that every garment is not only lovely, but also environmentally and socially responsible. 

Bigelow Lane is an ode to our childhood, to slowing down, and to making choices that are better for people and the planet. Welcome to the neighborhood.


Alex & Emmanuelle